Inbavijayan is accredited as an arbitrator in leading international and regional arbitration institutions.


He primarily has his practice in Arbitration and Mediation taking up the roles of Tribunal Secretary, Mediator, Counsel and even as an Arbitrator in few matters whilst still in his penultimate year of Law School.

Surya Narmada

Surya Narmada provides freelance Horticulture consultancy since 2000. She has immense experience in managing activities of Institutional Arbitration and ADR.

Sri Nikila.M

Sri Nikila.M is presently pursuing her legal education at School Of Excellence In Law, Tamil Nadu Dr Ambedkar Law University, Chennai.

Shanmuga Dev

Shanmuga Dev is currently pursuing his bachelor's degree in Law. He has cleared his Common proficiency test with good score in the year 2017.


Sharukumar from School of Excellence in Law is presently in the 4th year of his Law degree. He is passionate to become a Solicitor and an ADR professional.