Accreditation at KFCRI

“Usus Magister Est Optimus”

'Practice Makes one Perfect'

Dispute resolution has been long done in the Courts of Law. Looking before that we can find varied mechanisms employed to settle or adjudicate disputes before engaging any formal way of action.

Kovise Foundation Conflict Resolution International is being the forerunner in providing accreditation to ADR professionals and also the stakeholders of a dispute. KFCRI has established a procedure in which any participant can use this accreditation to the fullest effect.

Accreditation Procedure of KFCRI

1. Mandatory Training

The Candidate are required to engage in training courses conducted by KFCRI Trainers which makes them eligible to take the assessment that follows. The candidate will receive a certificate for participation in the training programme.

2. Assessment / Examination

Satisfied with the training the candidate must attempt an examination conducted therein after. The examination will include MCQs, Comprehensive and Descriptive questions. Along with the written examination various test will be employed to asses the candidate’s skill.

3. Membership Subscription

On successful completion of the assessment/examination the candidate will be eligible for accreditation from KFCRI. The candidate is required to pay the annual subscription fees after which the candidate will receive the accreditation certificate valid for a year.

4. Continuous Association

Throughout the period of membership, the candidates are to be engaged by KFCRI in various activities and events. The membership is to be held as experience in the field of ADR as the candidates will regularly be updated about the nuances and changes in the law.

Uniqueness of KFCRI Accreditation

Having been recognised by prominent institutions and personnel globally, KFCRI aims to provide a platform for promising candidates to either take their first step or move along the ladder in the field of ADR. KFCRI being one of the first Accrediting Body for ADR in India, desires to revolutionise the globe to start its movement towards ADR. Therefore the Accredited KFCRI Members will the forerunners for such a daunting feat.