Accredited Tribunal Secretary of KFCRI - (AcTS-KFCRI)

International arbitration is moving towards a prominent role for tribunal secretaries. Tribunal secretaries play a crucial role in large and complex arbitrations by providing administrative and other assistance to the arbitral tribunal. Their role includes communications with the parties, organising and attending meetings and hearings, taking notes or minutes of meetings, keeping time, drafting procedural orders, and so on. Such is the importance of tribunal secretaries in large arbitrations that they are regarded as the “fourth arbitrator”.

There is tremendous scope for tribunal secretaries in India. With India aspiring to become a hub of international arbitration and the availability of a large number of law professionals, it is possible to create a pool of tribunal secretaries. However, in order to create such a pool, it is important to professionalise tribunal secretaries through comprehensive training.

This course is aimed at equipping the candidates from a practical point of view as to the function of tribunal secretaries in arbitration, domestic and international, and to enable them handle the role of such secretaries seamlessly. This course is expected to act as a stepping stone for those students interested in commercial dispute resolution.

Considering the importance of role played by tribunal secretaries and their place in India’s march towards a robust international arbitration hub, the course and the evaluation therein is designed to be rigorous.

Course Objectives

The course aims at providing a comprehensive training which will enable a person offer his services as a tribunal secretary. To this end, the course has the following objectives:

  • To provide training on the theoretical and practical issues on the appointment, role, and the functions of the tribunal secretaries in arbitration and conciliation.
  • To train tribunal secretaries from an India-specific vantage point so as to ensure that there is a panel of professional tribunal secretaries available for appointment in small, large and complex arbitrations

Accredited Tribunal Secretaries can use the designatory letters AcTS-KFCRI

I. Course Details.

Eligibility Criteria :

Category 1 - Candidates having Degree or its equivalent from a recognised university/institution containing courses on ADR specifically.

Category 2 - Candidate having a practical experience of 1 or more years in the field of ADR in a lead/sole capacity i.e the management of proceedings and attending hearings which have resulted in the publication of a reasoned award or decision. (Reference required)

Duration : Two Days Training Programme.

Course Fee including Examination Fee : INR 5,000/-

Fee for Reappearance/ Resit for Examination: INR 1,000/- per Sitting.


Examination will be conducted at regular intervals throughout the year.

Upon completion of Course and Assessment, Subscription is required for use of the designatory letters.

II. Subscription Details.

Certificate of Accredited Tribunal Secretary of KFCRI (AcTS-KFCRI)

Eligibility Criteria :

  • Certificate of Accredited Tribunal Secretary Training Course conducted by KFCRI with pass criteria of 50% or more.
  • On satisfactory completion of the above, the candidates shall be awarded a Certificate of Membership of KFCRI titled AcTS-KFCRI.

Membership Fee:

Entry Fee (One Time) Free

AcTS Membership (Annual Subscription) INR 2,500/-