Fellow at Mediation Practice of KFCRI - (FMP-KFCRI)

Mediation first came to be legally recognised as a method of dispute resolution in the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 in India. It is an effective tool to resolve any dispute not necessitating a judicial or statutory intervention. The mediator brings the parties to a face-to-face confidential session, in which the parties gets an opportunity to explain their part and listen to the opponent’s claim. It eventually goes to stage where the common grounds are worked and settled.

Mediation allows the parties to satisfy their long-term and underlying interests at each stage. This is immensely beneficial as it allows the parties creativity in examining alternatives, evaluating options and reaching a settlement. When the parties themselves agree to the terms of the settlement, there is compliance with the terms.

The scope for mediation in India will never fall down as it is the most recognised instrument of ADR. Mediation is economical and a faster process since it does not have any prescribed proceeding and it’s totally flexible for the parties to fix the procedure.

The FMP course comprises of both comprehensive and practical training which eventually make the individuals a professional in the field of Mediation as Mediator, Counsel or even a Client. The training consist of teaching the ground rules for mediation, how to create a win-win situation, practical understating of the stages of mediation and etc.

Across the globe, Fellow is to be recognised by KFCRI as a symbol of high competence. Achieving Fellowship in Mediation tells clients, colleagues, and regulators of the Candidate that they have already been trained and have been in the Field of Mediation for quite a while.


I. Course Details.

Eligibility Criteria :

Category 1 - Candidates who have been awarded Associate Membership in Mediation (AMP-KFCRI ) by KFCRI.

Category 2 - Candidates having Doctoral Degree or its equivalent from a recognised university institution.

Category 3 - Candidate having a practical experience of ten or more years in the field of Mediation. (Reference required)

Duration : Three Days Training Programme

Course Fee including Examination Fee : INR 20,000/-

Fee for Reappearance/ Resit for Examination: INR 7,500/- per Sitting.


Assessment will be conducted at regular intervals throughout the year.

Upon completion of Course and Assessment, Subscription is required for use of the designatory letters.

II. Subscription Details.

Certificate of Fellow at Mediation Practice of KFCRI (FMP-KFCRI)

Eligibility Criteria :

  • Certificate of Fellow Level Course in Mediation conducted by KFCRI with pass criteria of 70% or more.
  • n satisfactory completion of the above, the candidates shall be awarded a Certificate of Fellow Membership in Mediation of KFCRI titled FMP-KFCRI.

  • Membership Fee:

    Entry Fee (One Time) INR 1,500/-

    FMP Membership (Annual Subscription):INR 10,000/-