Kovise Foundation Conflict Resolution International (KFCRI) is a first of its kind institution providing in ADR Practice Accreditation in all aspects of ADR as well as maintains a functioning administrative centre to manage and empower a Dispute Resolution mechanisms used by clients worldwide.

KFCRI was established in the year 2016, under the aegis of KOVISE FOUNDATION to disseminate the required Research and Development of Conflict Resolutions thereby facilitating peace and economic balance with effective resolution of all categories of disputes in socio, economic and political arena worldwide administering Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Mechanism with Institutional Framework along with long term capacity building programmes seeding globally.

It has become imminent that Conflict Resolution has to be facilitated by dialogue with long term focus by way of good communication platform and acceptable dispute resolution mechanisms adopting global standards. The essentiality can be cornered down to basic research and promoting institutionalisation of ADR with State of Art infrastructure, tailor made rules, regulations and execution with diversified trained professionals.

In order to cater for such elite needs, KFCRI provides to set up a Centre for Arbitration, Conciliation, Mediation, Negotiation with a special focus on mobilising ADR practioners and Tribunal Secretaries with world class training and accreditation acceptable in various jurisdictions worldwide. Apart from utilizing this member based establishment and infrastructure, Clients have the opportunity to benefit from the Tailor made Rules after intensive research based on the scenario of modern economies all over the world.

KFCRI is dedicated to serve as a platform to all the stakeholders of the economy to benefit from the ADR mechanism and to ensure that the intricacies of it is taught to all by conducting various awareness programmes, events and much more.


  • To promote the practice and usage of ADR mechanism.
  • Create infrastructure, accommodating intensive dispute resolution mechanism.
  • Frame and revise progressive rules for various fields of ADR.
  • Provide accreditation to competent practitioners in the field of ADR.


  • One of a kind ADR Institution providing requisites for a harmonious dispute resolution mechanism and accrediting competent practitioners in the field of ADR.