Accredited Conciliator of KFCRI - (AcC-KFCRI)

Conciliation is not a new concept as far as India is concerned. Various legislations in India have also recognized conciliation as a statutorily acceptable mode of dispute resolution and conciliation was in fact being frequently resorted to as a mode of dispute resolution under these specific legislations. Still, stakeholders are unable to find recognised professionals who are aware of the formal process of conciliation or even be a conciliator

Conciliation provides the disputing parties with an opportunity to explore options aided by an objective third party to exhaustively determine if a settlement is possible. The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 covers both domestic and international disputes in the context of conciliation. International conciliation is confined only to disputes of “commercial” nature.

The scope for conciliation in India and at the international forum can be attributed towards the Indian legislations as well as the UNCITRAL Model law. Conciliation is economical and a faster process. It allows the parties to select their own proceeding thereby creating a high demand for professional conciliators.

This course focuses on students, legal practitioners and diversified professionals who can be equipped with practical knowledge of procedures and issues of conciliation in domestic and international forums. This course will be the stepping stone for the interested fraternity towards making them as professionals in the field.

Course Objectives

The course aims at providing a comprehensive and practical training which will enable a person to understand the nuances of conciliation and its practice worldwide. To this end, the course has the following objectives:

  • To provide training on the theoretical and practical issues on the appointment, role and the functions of conciliator in domestic and international conciliation.
  • To train conciliators professionally so as to ensure that there is a panel of professional conciliators available for appointment in small, large and complex.

Accredited Conciliator can use the designatory letters AcC-KFCRI.

I. Course Details.

Eligibility Criteria :

Category 1 - Candidates with English Language Competency and minimum of 18 years of age.

Category 2 - Candidates having Bachelor's Degree or its equivalent from a recognised university or institution.

Duration : One Day Training Programme.

Course Fee including Examination Fee : INR 4,000/-

Fee for Reappearance/ Resit for Examination: INR 1,000/- per Sitting.


Examination will be conducted at regular intervals throughout the year.

Upon completion of Course and Examination, Subscription is required for use of the designatory letters.

II. Subscription Details.

Certificate of Accredited Conciliator of KFCRI (AcC-KFCRI)

Eligibility Criteria :

  • Certificate of Accredited Conciliator Training Course conducted by KFCRI with pass criteria of 50% or more.
  • On satisfactory completion of the above, the candidates shall be awarded a Certificate of Membership of KFCRI titled AcC-KFCRI.

Membership Fee:

Entry Fee (One Time) INR 500/-

AcC Membership (Annual Subscription)- INR 2,000/-