Accredited Negotiator of KFCRI - (AcN-KFCRI)

Negotiation is skill that any person involved in a dispute or not, must obtain. Negotiation like any other art can be learnt and perfected through practice and repetition. Negotiators can play a crucial role for resolving or escalating a dispute. Their role includes communicating the parties ideas, finding the other party’s way-point and finally finding a common ground in which their ideas are accepted. The importance of negotiators must be emphasised, as they have the ability to stop a dispute even before it arises.

Skilled negotiators are on demand in any part of the world. As they can either stop any loss from happening or even gain large sums to the parties. They are considered to be the best mitigation methodology for any losses. However in order to create such skill and for them to be recognised there needs to be a forum where there may be many opportunities. Professionalising the skill of negotiation is the need for the day which can be attained through training, practice and accreditation.

This course is aimed at equipping any stakeholder to tone the skill of negotiation subconsciously. It will enable them to participate and make the best of complex real life situations. This course has the scope of benefiting anyone at any stage of their career or life, hence becoming masters of the skill of Negotiation.

Course Objectives

The course aims at providing a practical training which will enable a person to tone the skill of negotiation. To this end, the course has the following objectives:

  • To provide training on the theoretical and practical situations where having a better advantage would tremendously help the parties and the disputes.
  • To create a panel of professional negotiators available for carrying out mitigation methods of dispute resolution.

Accredited Negotiators can use the designatory letters AcN-KFCRI

I. Course Details.

Eligibility Criteria :

Category 1 - Candidates with English Language Competency and minimum of 18 years of age.

Category 2 - Candidates having Bachelor's Degree or its equivalent from a recognised university or institution.

Duration : One Day Training Programme.

Course Fee including Examination Fee : INR 3,000/-

Fee for Reappearance/ Resit for Examination: INR 1,000/- per Sitting.


Examination will be conducted at regular intervals throughout the year.

Upon completion of Course and Assessment, Subscription is required for use of the designatory letters.

II. Subscription Details.

Certificate of Accredited Negotiator of KFCRI (AcN-KFCRI)

Eligibility Criteria :

  • Certificate of Accredited Negotiator Training Course conducted by KFCRI with pass criteria of 50% or more.
  • On satisfactory completion of the above, the candidates shall be awarded a Certificate of Membership of KFCRI titled AcN-KFCRI.

Membership Fee:

Entry Fee (One Time) INR 500/-

AcN Membership (Annual Subscription) INR 2,000/-