Suvethan.G.SSuvethan.G.S. primarily has his practice in Arbitration and Mediation taking up the roles of Tribunal Secretary, Mediator, Counsel and even as an Arbitrator in few matters.

He has begun his effective practise whilst still being in his penultimate year of his Under Graduation in Law at School of Excellence in Law, Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University. On completion of his legal education, he looks up to pursue higher education in International Dispute Settlement and full-time practice as an ADR professional.

In the span of the last 4 years, he has helped create and/or worked with five ADR Institutions such as KFCRI, SICCI Centre for ADR (SCA), IITArb and CIArb etc. He has helped in framing rules, syllabi, marketing, client handling and many other related tasks for those ADR Centres. Such intense work has helped him take his first steps in field of International Dispute Resolution whilst paving way for many others to follow.

His excellence in academia can been seen by the laurels he won through moot courts at the national and international level & his wide scope of research papers presented and published in esteemed national and international journals. He has taken keen interest in the effect of International Law & ADR in sector-specific environments such as construction, IPR and other related disputes.

He has been accredited as an associate in AIADR, KFCRI and as a student member in CIArb, AAA, ICDR, ACICA, LEADR, IAMA, YICCA, YSIAC, AMINZ, Y-OGEMID and various other institutions. He is also empaneled as an ‘International Mediator’ by ADR ODR International, UK. Moreover, he is the founder of the developmental legal training provider ‘JUS MOMENTUM’ where as a Trainer he trains and educates the stake holders of disputes and interested candidates about the need of amicable methods of dispute resolution.

He can be seen showing a great deal of attention to detail as well as showing that zest to as many tasks as possible. He moves heaven and earth to find a situation best suited for him thereby making an opportunity for himself rather than jumping into the bandwagon. He is a person who will never judge a book without reading it. Be it food, music or even a career opportunity he will always arrange his preferences and priorities only after experiencing each of them. An ambitious person with unflagging commitment in whatever he takes up makes him a friendly leader in any social group.