Aravamudhan Ulaganathan Ravindran He specialises in International Investment Law and Trade Law

Raghav is based in Riga,Latvia. He specialises in International Investment Law and Trade Law. His practise areas include Commercial Arbitration (Industries: Construction, Banking, Retail and Commodities), Company Law, European Competition Law, European Internal Market, International Trade Law, Investor State Dispute Settlement, Mediation, Property law and Trademarks. He teaches International Arbitration, International Economic Law and Investment Protection Law in Europe.

He is an Advocate enrolled with the Bar Council of Tamil Nadu and India. He has a first degree in International Business and Globalisation from the UK and a Master’s in Business Administration and Bachelor’s in Law from India. He is also a certified intercultural trainer.

He is currently a Research Scholar pursuing his PhD in International and European Law, a Joint Doctoral Programme administered by Riga Graduate School of Law, Latvia and University of Copenhagen, Denmark. The title of his research is “International Investment Arbitration, the Rule of Law and Public Policy”.