An Overview on Updates in China-Asean Arbitration - A KFCRI Webinar Series 15.05.2020

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On 15th May 2020, Kovise Foundation Conflict Resolution International (KFCRI) under the guidance of the Project Advisor, Mr. Inbavijayan Veeraraghavan FICA, PAP-KFCRI, FCIArb (UK), successfully conducted a Webinar on the topic 'An Overview on Updates in China-Asean Arbitration'.

The Panelist leading the webinar was Prof. Steve Ngo (吴伟伟). He is a Singaporean arbitrator, academic, arbitration specialist. Specialising in ASEAN, he focusses on Indonesia, China and India; the three key Asian economic growth countries. He is the founding President of Beihai Asia International Arbitration Centre (BAIAC), the first international arbitral centre established by Beihai Arbitration Commission in Singapore to focus on disputes arising from regional trade and investment relating to Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) and China-ASEAN. In addition to international commercial arbitration, he has been consulted on potential investor-state arbitrations, evaluating cases against and for the state party. The session was moderated by Mr. Viswajit Srinivasan, Operations Committee KFCRI. The leading panelist gave a brief presentation on the ASEAN and also the Chinese - ASEAN arbitration's latest development. The session was concluded with a Q&A session, where the questions of attendees were answered.