KFCRI conducted the Three-day Empanelment Training course No.3 for the Fellows of Indian Institute of Technical Arbitrators (IITArb) from 28.02.2020 to 01.03.2020.

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KFCRI conducted the “Three-day Empanelment Training course no.3” for the Fellows of Indian Institute of Technical Arbitrators (IITArb) from 28.02.2020 to 01.03.2020.

KFCRI under the aegis of Kovise Foundation, in association with Indian Institute of Technical Arbitrators and KoVE Global conducted a three-day training programme for the Fellow members of IITArb. This training program aims at training the participants, i.e. Fellows of IITArb who are all Engineers for empanelment as arbitrators. KFCRI trained the Fellow members of IITArb on Arbitrations laws, Law of contracts and other Allied laws. The participants were provided with an opportunity to get involved in group discussions with trainers and fellow trainees. Case studies enlightened the participants’ outlook towards arbitration. Award writing exercises enabled the participants to technically evaluate the writing of award and to understand its enforceability.The event saw the presence of 12 participants, who were all Fellow members of IITArb. The trainers were:

    • Mr.Inbavijayan
    • Mr. Seshadri
    • Mr. Aravamudhan Ulaganathan Ravindran

The training for the participants was conducted on the following sessions for three days:

  • ADR -  Fundamentals
  • Arbitration – What, Why, How and When
  • Understanding and Interpretation of Arbitration agreement/ clause
  • International Arbitration – Hard and Soft Laws
  • Perspective on procedure
  • Role of Courts &
  • Cost and Finality
  • Briefing of Law on Arbitration
  • Briefing of Law on Arbitration – Contd.
  • Contracts – Basic principles, Categories and Applicability
  • Contracts Interpretation
  • Allied Laws
  • Various Engineering Contracts
  • Arbitrator Ethics

After the completion of all the sessions, an examination / assessment (multiple choice questions) was conducted on the third day afternoon to assess the participants’ eligibility for empanelment. This was followed by an award writing exercise for 2 hours, wherein the participants were assigned the task of writing a valid and an enforceable award. At the end of the training session, all the participants were awarded with certificate of training.